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Our Philosophy

Rooted in one of the world's most productive agricultural regions, California's renown Central Valley, the National Ag Science Center has created innovative curriculum to connect students with the food they eat.

Our Mission

The National Ag Science Center provides students with unique programs in agriculture and science - to promote positive educational experiences and an awareness of career connections and issues important to sustainable agriculture in California.

Our Vision

The National Ag Science Center seeks to serve the students of Stanislaus County by engaging them in thoughtful inquiry about ag and ag related industries. Our goal is to create connections between the community and schools so that our students will have a better understanding of the opportunities available to them, retaining our best talent to continue to grow food for the world.

A Message from Dr. Emily Lawrence, NASC Director:

The National Ag Science Center is fortunate to be situated in the Central Valley, the state’s agricultural hub, producing over 360 agricultural products. The need to educate and inspire our youth about the multitude of careers in agriculture is incredibly important, not only for the future of this area, but for feeding our worlds ever growing population.

Through our mobile education experiences, we strive to deliver innovative and compelling agricultural science curriculum to the students of Stanislaus County. Our education offerings give students the opportunity to explore soil science, bio-engineering, agricultural technology, sustainability and much more.

One of the strengths of the NASC is the strong community support we have. Our work would not be possible without support from local business, individuals and granting organizations.

We look forward to inspiring a generation of youth who are committed to the agricultural industries in the Central Valley.