AIM School Visitation Requirements

Certain requirements need to be met so that AIM can safely and successfully visit your school.

AIM is a 53' tractor-trailer that will live in your school yard for the duration of your requested visit. We ask that you thoroughly review the AIM requirements before requesting a visit to ensure we will be able to serve your school effectively and safely.



  • 60' x 30' outdoor space for the trailer only
  • 72' x 30' outdoor space for the trailer and truck
  • No overhanging power lines
  • Easy access to the space where AIM will be housed
  • Level parking surface
  • Safe from traffic
  • Clear of obstructions, i.e., no bicycle racks

In order to be set-up on time, please schedule a staff member to meet and guide the AIM trailer an hour and 1/2 before the start time.

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