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Ag In Motion – Site Contract

This week your students will experience Ag In Motion (AIM), a mobile science laboratory.  AIM is funded and operated by the National Ag Science Center providing thousands of junior high school students each year with exciting, hands-on learning experiences in ag science.

The primary purpose of AIM is an opportunity for students to perform lab experiments with the aid of technology and materials in a safe, controlled, and non-traditional environment.  The goal of the AIM is to excite students and teachers about the fields of agriculture science and to encourage students to consider ag science fields as career options.

We want each site to maximize their visit with Ag In Motion and therefore we will:

  1. Arrive on your campus prior to the start of the school day the first day of your visit and stay there for the arranged duration of days.
  2. Provide students with a lab experience that is standards-based, engaging, and has all required equipment and materials (except for student pencils).
  3. Arrange the schedule with your site and staff and our mobile lab instructor will be available for questions.

As we prepare for and deliver our labs, we respectfully ask that you will:

  1. Provide an updated bell schedule for our visit noting any alternate time schedule days.
  2. Notify parents of the Ag In Motion visit and their opportunity to opt out of the photo/video that may occur during the lab period.
  3. Inform the Ag In Motion mobile lab instructor of any “opt out” requests from parents.
  4. Require your teachers/site staff to adhere to any district field trip guidelines and review the Safety Contract guidelines with students (Safety Contract guidelines are on the parent information page).
  5. Ensure that classes arrive promptly to Ag In Motion as labs are action packed from bell to bell!
  6. Help us improve by replying to our feedback survey!

We look forward to a great visit at your school site!

Please click on the acknowledgement button below to indicate that you agree to these conditions and have received the information pertaining to your National Ag Science Center Ag In Motion visit.


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