Our Mission: Sustainable Stanislaus is a collaborative designed to educate and inform the community of sustainable practices in agriculture and local businesses. We celebrate stewardship and promote networking opportunities that demonstrate value of the environment, social equity, and stimulate economic development. Whereby our local community can learn about agriculture and the role it plays in supporting a sustainable future in Stanislaus County.

Come join us for our 1st Annual Sustainable Stanislaus Ag-Scursion on April 13th, 2019 beginning at the Stanislaus County Ag Center.

Experience includes tours of Fiscalini Cheese Company and Gemperle Family Farms!

After four generations, Fiscalini Farms has grown to 540 acres, a herd of 2800 dairy cows, and a farmstead cheese processing plant. Their belief is to harvest and forage their land to produce feed for their cattle, and then give back to the earth in natural forms.

Gemperle Ranch has always believed in being a good steward of their land and hens. Edleweiss Nut Company, an entity of Gemperle Farms, rely on organic fertilizers and amendments such as incorporating chipped orchard pruning’s, growing cover crops to ensure soil health, and practicing integrated pest management.