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Ag in Motion

The kids say it best: “This place is magical!” “My bee has a mohawk!” “I wish I lived here!”

A 53-foot-long tractor trailer, with the look and shine of a NASCAR hauler, pulls onto a middle school campus. Students walk from their classroom to the door not really knowing what to expect once inside… enter Ag In Motion, a field trip on wheels. Ag In Motion invites middle school students to explore agricultural science, becoming an entomologist or an agronomist for a class period as they use a microscope or soil test kit to study the natural world.

The Ag In Motion mobile science agricultural laboratory classroom was designed to enable up to 40 students at a time to participate in hands-on, standards based science labs without leaving their school site. A visit by Ag In Motion is a field trip on wheels, which includes fun and engaging lab experiments that tie agriculture to a standards based curriculum. Students complete a laboratory notebook, can work with a classmate to extract DNA from a strawberry, or view bug mouth parts through a microscope. During each lab visit, the Ag In Motion Mobile Lab Instructor guides the class through the scientific method, while making parallels to the agricultural industry. Every lab culminates with a career connection video highlighting unique careers in agriculture.

Ag In Motion is provided at no cost to schools through the generosity of donors. Most of all – it works!!! In our first five months, over 8,000 seventh graders visited Ag In Motion to great reviews. We welcome the opportunity to share our unique educational model with other communities. If you think Ag In Motion is a great idea and would like to support our efforts, or want to learn how you can build an Ag In Motion in your community, please contact us.