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The Faith Ranch Experience is a third-grade field trip to a private wildlife preserve in East Modesto. Students travel by bus out to the ranch and there the adventure begins! Student investigators explore the flora and fauna the ranch has to offer while exploring stations across a nearly three-acre spread.

Student stations challenge students to identify animal tracks, types of nesting habitats for various birds and waterfowl, and how far the migratory Aleutian Geese must travel to spend some time on the preserves of Modesto, California to name a few.


It Gets Better...

The Faith Ranch Experience is expanding in 2021 to include student projects at the high school and college levels. GIS mapping, native species and riparian corridor restoration, and the symbiotic relationship of environmental conservation and working cattle ranch practices are topics of exploration. For more info click: Here

This project is funded through the National Ag Science Center and the Gallo Foundation.


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