Ag In Motion

AIM: A Mobile Agricultural Science Lab and Classroom

Ag In Motion (AIM) is our primary vehicle to reach students. A mobile science laboratory classroom that travels to schools and invites students to experience hands-on ag science. A menu of standards-based ag science curricula offers labs to schools that align with their current lessons while providing students with new perspectives on how ag science impacts the food they eat and the clothes they wear.


Ag In Motion Curriculum

AIM lessons and materials align with Next Generation Science Standards and standards for Environmental Literacy.  Schools are given the opportunity to choose from a menu of options which are specific to seventh grade life science or eighth grade physical science curricula. Students are provided with a laboratory notebook that is collected by their teacher to assess and grade.


  • Light and Photosynthesis
  • Bug Morphology
  • Strawberry DNA Extraction
  • Seed Dispersal
  • Soil Chemistry pH
  • Soil Chemistry N
  • Chemistry of Nutrition-Dairy
  • Density

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Valuable support for Ag In Motion is generated from our donors generous support of the Ag Hall of Fame annual event. Additional funding is provided by the Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation, Haley Farms, and the Turlock Irrigation District.