Mobile ag education
soil autopsy
observing the soil
engaged learning

The AgScience Ambassadors program is a pilot program for the National Ag Science Center. In partnership with CSU, Stanislaus the NASC has brought this program to three pilot districts, engaging twelve classrooms and 268 students.

Six CSU, Stanislaus students have invested their time to learn how to teach the "Soil Autopsy" and "Rocks Make Soil" interactive modules to 3rd and 4th graders. The Stan State students are gaining invaluable in-classroom experience and career training. The students they are teaching are learning methods of inquiry, observation and hypothesis.

Questions asked during this lab inspire the students to have a greater understanding of what soil is comprised of, how it is made, if the environment and climate impact soil and more.

This program is made possible from a generous grant from Stanislaus Community Foundation Credit Bureau. Additional funding provided by Omega Nu and the Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation.